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Those of you who know me know me well know that hikes are one of my "love languages." (manifested in quality time, but y&...

Those of you who know me know me well know that hikes are one of my "love languages."
(manifested in quality time, but y'know)
 I literally wrote a poem when I was seven, and called it, 
If You Love Me, You'll Hike with Me (& other 'isms'), by Sierra
Yeah, I was very proud; and no, I don't know where that poem is anymore. 
The point remains, however. 
And yes: I do draw so many spiritual parallels 
& life lessons when I'm hiking. 
Here are a few of them.

1) Even if it's something you're uncomfortable with, you have to get past your comfort zone in order to grow and reach your destination. It's being brave, but also learning how, and being okay with the fact that you might not - will not - get everything right the first time. 

2) You are capable. You have been made capable. God will never give us more than we can handle.  Sometimes looking at that mountain (physical, spiritual, or otherwise) is intimidating, but getting to the top is that much more satisfactory when you get there. Growth is going to happen when you change your mindset. 

3)  There is value in following a guide who knows the way, just as much as it is to know that you are capable as well. If God created the mountain tops with their winding paths, then how much more is it worth it to learn to ask for help when you need it?  

4) Don't forget what and who you're doing this for. It's so, so easy to get focused on the climb and putting one foot in front of the other. The hard parts seem hard. But don't forget that there's a view along the way, and take a moment to breathe and take it allllll in. It'll remind you what you're doing this for. The mountaintops with the highest peaks are the ones with the best views. 

5) Realize the importance of setting your pace at the beginning. Since we as people are not designed to run faster than we have strength, a sustainable pace makes all the difference. Sometimes you'll slow down, even on the parts you just want to get over because they're that hard. But it's worth it. Take care of yourself. Drink water. Bring snacks. Take that moment to breathe. 

6) Push your limitations. You can handle more than you know. And if you fall, you can get up. 

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