the twenty-one bucket list.

i have this list of things i 'must' do before i die.  however. i thought it would also  be interesting to create a l...

i have this list
of things
i 'must' do before i die. 

i thought it would also 
be interesting to create a list
of things i'm going 
(or at least i'd like)
to do while i'm twenty-one. 
hence, the twenty-one goal/bucket list - take your pick. 

1. Go to ten new places I've never been to yet (different states, parts of mine that I haven't quite yet perused, other countries- preferably but not limited to Canada and Europe and Asia).  Whether that's short term missions, spontaneous adventures, or a trip in the car. How about just get to a place where I can be considered a travel blogger already? 

2. Learn at least ten ukulele chords. 

3. Start my YouTube channel. Outside of Snapchat, which has allowed me to put off that goal for several years now. I'm still unashamed. 

4. Go dancing (like, legit waltzing or something) in the rain. Spinning in circles, though something I've absolutely done over the years, does not count. 

5. Watch a meteor shower. Go stargazing. And then make a makeshift fort or something comfy to fall asleep under the stars. I should write a short, really cute story about that. Hmm. 

6. Go skydiving. And whitewater rafting or kayaking. Not necessarily in that order. 

7. Go horseback riding. Maybe even on the beach. 

8. Get back to my ballet or ballroom dancing classes, or learn a completely new style of dance entirely. Grace-Hope can help me with that one.  

9. Now that I've remembered how nice it is to have girl abs & flexibility again gotten over my immediate 'dislike' of yoga, to have a commitment to practice at least three times a week - by the end of my year. Yoga is a work in progress. 

10. Design and actually own my own piece of earth or garden, and create (or at least swing from) a tree swing. Totally not going to happen in the desert... but bonus points if it's into a lake or something. 

11. Go surfing. On real surfboards. Maybe get over my fear of sharks in the process? (California would try to surprise me with all the sharks this year.)

12. Go to a drive-in movie. 

13. Write my book. Or at least say, 'I'm done,' to the one I've already "finished" five times already. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. 99% of the time, if I'm texting you more than a five-sentence paragraph, I either feel really comfortable/vulnerable with you, or you're receiving some major heart. Click herehere, or here for some that are included in said book. 

14. Record some of my music in studio. (actually crossing this one off next week!)

15. Have one completely unplanned two week hiatus where nothing needs to be extremely done and when I can literally just feel like hiking and hike five new mountains if I want to, and then decide to go scuba diving because I can, or just go back and watch I Love Lucy or Friends or Law and Order, or go some place that maybe I wouldn't usually frequent just for reasons. Basically just take a break from life. Like a vacation. Ahem. 

16. Go to a cute coffee shop or restaurant or cafe and order their speciality drink (perhaps something completely off-the-wall because hey why not #twentyone) just to experiment. 

17.  Learn three languages. Before I die. This should be moved to the actual bucket list. 

18. Shoot a campaign. Or two. Shoot a national commercial. And act in another feature film/become SAG. I want this to be the year that this industry is my main source of income. But I also don't want this to be the year I realize I must stay in one place to make it a reality. L.A. traffic is no bueno. That's just not gonna happen.

19. Move into my own place. 

20. Adopt a friend's husky dog. As in, I can be its godparent, hug it, kiss it, and spoil it. Said friend can keep it, and then I can have my own husky baby with those incredibly ethereal blue eyes down the road. It's like grand-parenting but backwards! ...clearly I've put some thought into this. (See also, Sierra may consider it one of her life goals to pet all the dogs & thus accidentally weird all people out. Oops.). 

21. Go on a road trip, and then campout on the beach (and/or in a hammock) with a gorgeous, sparkling bonfire and s'mores (& salt n' vinegar chips, which could probably be considered a weakness for me). 

All I can say is shoutout to the good Lord above for seeing me (aka one of the clumsiest, craziest, most passionate girls in the world) through this many years of joyous surprises, friendships, trials, and love.
I think I'm actually going to create a massive bucket list page for the rest of my life. To be added to and crossed off of, of course. Any ideas?  And what's on your list? 

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