Tangible Grace Released May 17th, 2019.

My baby single. Remix of my favorite hymn, Be Thou My Vision along with a God-inspired song written during a gorgeous sunrise.

“& what a tangible grace You are.

i am lost in Your love; You’re drawing treasure from this dust.”

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Softly Leave

Inspired by an emotional relationship with a verbally abusive tangle; & then the leaving. Penned as a poem over a time period of several months, realized during a quiet night alone with my piano. My personality says to anyone & everyone, “leave, but don’t go.” This song was the leaving & the going.

release coming in june 2019




Written the evening following a raw breakup. It’s about someone. It’s to your soul. My raw went into a song, and I cried when I first heard it come together. Just an acoustic little piece for an afternoon nap.

“Be gentle with you.

Heartstrings will unwind.”

release coming in june 2019