Poolside Vibes

When I'm visiting family in the desert, it reaches upwards of a hundred degrees in the summer. 

To my mind, that's the equivalent of sitting in an oven, 

which is not my favorite.

Eh, it's summer. Which means we're all going to be spending (or have spent) a lot more time in swimsuits, and plenty of pool days (and a good strawberry lemonade something-or-other) are in order. So if that means a strong hike in the morning so you can have way more fun just diving in, or squeezing in a night swim/stargaze session (since I've yet to have a night in Los Angeles where I can find my stars - unless it's driving to Griffith), we're happy to keep cool by staying in swimsuits as often and as long as possible. It's a thing. 

As you can probably see, my favorite swimsuits are high-waisted + bikini tops, which is a personal preference since I think they're the most flattering for me; but there are so many different styles and suits out there now it's pretty great just trying something new and exciting! I also enjoy mixing + matching styles. So, tell me, what do you prefer? 

Sierra Alexandrea pool dayz-Sierra Alexandrea-0002.jpg


top: Target

bottom: Forever21

glasses: Plato's Closet (similar here)

photos by Bekah Wreidt