Shop Spotlight: Naot Footwear

My private instagram name is Unbelievably Barefoot (my sister & friend never let me feel completely okay about it but whatever guys). I'm that girl who has enjoyed shoe shopping maybe twice in my life, and would rather travel barefoot as often as socially acceptable. But recently I discovered Naot Shoes..& I was actually excited to step out. 

I rarely build an outfit around a killer pair of shoes, unless it's a red carpet event I'm attending. But here in the desert, where sandals are the best (read - most classy) alternative to rubber flip-flops, this is where you go. The shoes featured in this post are the Rianna shoes in Hawaiian Brown, best suited to my everyday color scheme; but they also offer these in teal, plum, slate, black, and tan - there's a color for every occasion. I should have done a first impression video, because upon opening them, I actually literally "oooh'd!" aloud (my father can vouch for this), because of the faux buckle hook & loop closure. Instead of having to buckle up, there's an adjustable velcro. This girl is always on the run, so I'm all about having a no-nonsense pair of shoes to throw on. 

Stepping out in Palm Springs on this hot day, I was struck by the fact that it felt like I was walking on sand - something I've heard before, but not something I had totally believed right off the bat. After all, sand is sand, right?  Naot are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Since they're a natural blend of latex & cork, they're designed to replicate the shape of your foot. Just a few wears into them, I felt the difference - the shoe had molded to the soles of my feet, and I wasn't mad about it at all. Also, there's built in shock absorption. Not that I normally go running in my sandals, but we all know that walking a puppy could very well lead to that - and it has. I have actually run in these shoes, and felt as if I were running in tennis shoes. The straps were comfortable, the arch support and deep heel indentation protects the bone from any alternative discomfort. 


So, checklist: 

Adventuring? YES - extremely durable and comfortable.  

Girls' Day Out? YES. Versatile to the max. 

Comfortable? YES. A friend of mine actually wore a similar style on her wedding day & spend almost the whole time on the dance floor. Point proven. 

I'm all about it. In fact, I'm sitting at a local Palm Springs coffee shop as I type this, and I'm wearing them now. ...and so will you. Leave a comment with your favorite pair, and who knows? I might even throw a giveaway one of these days. 


photos: Ella Merrill Photography

wardrobe: Anthropologie

shoes: Naot Footwear


sierra m.