Favorite Health Apps

“There’s an app for that!” -Everyone, Ever. 

I love my fitness apps! There are a myriad out there to keep you accountable, offer up some insane or unthought-of workouts, and just add to your overall well-being. In no particular order, we present to you a few of our favorites:

  1. Achievemint. Want to earn some money while staying fit? Carry your phone on you and earn points as you walk, run, or do cardio. Basically, as long as your phone tracks your movement, it adds together points and contributes to your total score. When you hit 10,000 points, you make $10.00. Not necessarily a huge amount right off the bat, but if you’re walking or moving consistently, it can add up fairly quickly.

  2. Charity Miles. Exactly what it sounds like, charity miles is similar to Achievemint in that it adds up your miles as you pick what charity you want to contribute to. How cool is that?! Having raised over $2Million so far, you get to help raise, too. Even if you’re not into fitness, you can still make a difference as you walk to your local coffee shop, walk your dog, or run a marathon. The choice is up to you!

  3. Sweat with Kayla. I know this app receives a bad rap sometimes, and it is a touch on the expensive side for an app, but I really like it, and I can definitely see the difference as I stick with the workout program, with or without the health guidelines. While I generally divert from the meal plans in favor of other healthy options, this is a great program that builds up your strength and stamina. Definitely a good option!

  4. Fitstar. Everything about this app is just so right. Tailored to you, what FitStar does is create a custom workout based on your fitness level, strength, and where you want to go. You start out by working out along with the app, and as you give it feedback regarding which exercises were perfect, too hard, or too easy, the app creates the best fitness routine and workout for you, challenging you in all the right ways.

  5. Pact. So this one obviously isn’t for everyone- but, you can get paid. Listening now? I haven’t used this myself, but the acquaintance or two I do know swear that it’s become their greatest motivation to get into the gym. On Pact, you choose whether or not to bet or wager money on whether you’ll go to the gym or complete your workout. Of course, you have to check in and out of the venues where you said you’d be, and if you reach or exceed your goals, you earn back your wager (and then some). If not…well, that’s where the bet goes. So, if you just happen to be wanting or needing some extra money, or just want some good gym motivation, there ya go.

Have at it! There are so many great ways to just stay in shape and keep healthy these days, there’s literally no excuse. My friend loves FitBit, I love my Sweat app and we’ll both take a good hike or yoga sesh any day. Who needs to count calories if you’re doing what’s good for you? We’d love your input- what are your favorite ways to stay healthy or on top of things?