What's In My Bag?

I’m a firm believer in being prepared- nearly as firm a believer in my “only-plan-when-necessary” life. Looking into my purse the other day, I made a mental note to stuff more pens, grab that other empty notebook from home, pick up an extra pack of Kleenex at the dollar store, and switch out my lipstick. It was then that I realized exactly just how much of an emotional planner I’ve become as opposed to a physical planner. But, I mean, we are ladies- and we have way too many sizes and shape of purse to play around with

Hence the list (& thus an introduction to a new blog series): the top five things you can always find in my purse.

 Kate Spade (I found this incredible piece on a very good sale, and the rest is history), or my very old loved trusty Steve Madden messenger bag (similar).

  1. Lipstick. As ridiculous as this sounds, this is one of those things I can just slick on and feel so much better about my life in the process. I do carry around two or three, and rotate them out based on mood and time-  but I’m fairly religious about my lipstick and chapstick.
  2. Pens and notebook. Some girls collect shoes. This one collects scribbled-in notebooks like nobody’s business. I’m an English Major. I spent half of my school career learning how to adopt the habit of observing as I go, and I must say I’ve developed quite a few papers that way (not to mention graduated). Since I’m a writer to the core of my being, I carry a blank notebook wherever I go, have four or five or ten pens on hand (you know, in case one doesn’t work), and definitely speak into my phone when I’m driving and have an idea. Speaking of which.
  3. Phone & Earbuds. I kind of really appreciate this gadget. Whether it’s using maps, employing myself on social media (it’s 2018; that stuff can actually really pay bills if you let it, y’all), editing shoot photos on a timed budget, snapchatting my life away, or hiding behind the screen from a few creepy faces on the street (let’s be honest, they exist), my phone is handy, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  4. Wallet & Keys. Because you need them. *rolls eyes*
  5. Sunglasses. We live in the desert, so naturally I have more than a few inexpensive pairs and rotate them out as I choose. Aviators are my favorite, but I also have classic cat-eye shapes for when I’m feeling red lipstick and Audrey Hepburn (it’s always the lipstick), bug-eye glasses for “I’m-literally-wearing-no-makeup” days, and round ones. This accessory is probably one I’ll forever sing the praises of. Thank you, inventor of sunglasses, for your contribution to my life.

So, what do you have in your handbag? What are some things you can’t live without? 


sierra m.


Sierra Mackenzie