Winter Mornings


"I really can't stay." "But baby, it's cold outside." 


- me and my bed, in an everyday argument. 

I have a morning routine I go through over winter break #teacherperks: let the newest addition to the family out (meet Trixie, the malti-poo. She's a ham and puppy to the core of her five pound being, & that's all), do a bit of stretching, and climb back into the coziness of my bed to have my quiet time, and catch up on a bit of extra reading that I haven't had a chance to accomplish.

However, I also don't like to sleep with my phone next to my bed like I do in the regular months; I don't particularly enjoy switching an alarm off first thing in the morning, especially if it's unnecessary for me to have an alarm at all, and I'm not one of those people who wakes up and is just "on the phone." It gets too distracting first thing in the morning. That's where I leave a watch on my bedside table to check the time in the mornings. It might seem a little old-fashioned, but JORD watches are just so comfortable (and yet still so beautifully detailed), it almost doesn't feel like I'm even wearing a watch, which is so unusual for my uber-sensitive person. 

Just a little bit about JORD: along with beautiful watches made of wood, JORD also creates custom engraving, which makes it the ideal gift for a loved one this year (I'm thinking anniversaries, birthdays, heck, even a "memory piece" for my mum with all of our birthdates carved in the back!). Though I'm obviously wearing this  Frankie  watch in a more feminine manner here in this post, and more relaxed manner here, it is considered a more gender-neutral watch, which is perfect for anyone. JORD also offers a men's line, which is a fantastic gift for the man in your life. And since they're durable and made in the U.S.A. with a vast selection of woods, you can wear them from your desk to the great outdoors. There's seriously no limit - you can even ship internationally for my interested international readers! 

 -JORD Watches: The Campaign & Giveaway-

In case you hadn't spotted the previous post, the lovely Katie over at JORD was kind enough to reach out and partner up for an awesome collaboration, including a fantastic GIVEAWAY with one lucky winner of a $100 code for the JORD site, plus each individual's entry will be receiving a 10% off code. So just for trying, you still receive 10% off any purchase - everybody wins! 

Giveaway ends January 17th. 

Click here to fill out the giveaway form, leave me a comment to let me know you entered & the watch you would choose... & best of luck! 


Photos by Alexandrea over at Aisling Design@alexandrealeigh_



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