On the Pier | Santa Monica, CA

A friend and I had scheduled to meet and shoot, and as life would have it, rescheduled for the last several months. Sunday, we finally made it work. For the first time, I hopped on the Blue Line metro in downtown L.A., and we rode to Santa Monica. The lines were explained: gold, purple, red. I don't know the ropes quite as well as the New York subway, but I have a better grasp on it now than ever before. Funny how the circumstances and situations that you aren't necessarily certain about are the ones that intimidate you most - until you learn how to handle them. 

c'est la vie. 

Down on the pier, there were more people than either of us ever remembered being there. But we wandered, shot, ran down to 3rd St. Promenade, and enjoyed shooting around. The explosion of colors near the seaside always makes my heart happy, and the soft sunset light gleams like an otherworldly extension of grace. Perhaps that's exactly what it is. 

TravelSierra Mackenzie