Propagation | Tampa, FL

propagation - the reproduction or spreading of something. 


"We have to go to the cutest little coffee shop while we're in Tampa," my aunt told us. "What's it called?" we wondered in anticipation. "I think... Propaganda?"

We just looked at her. "Oh, that's a strange name."  After a memorable drive filled with laughter and catching up and not being able to find a coffee shop called Propaganda, we decided to bite the bullet of modern day technology and just google it instead. My cousin Taylore chimed in with her now famous and quoted line, "this is why all decisions are better made with a coffee in hand."

We've learned many life lessons from her. 

"Ohh, Propagation?" 

Soon enough we found ourselves in a quaint, white, Kinfolk-esque coffee shop owned by two darling people who spoke to my soul's complete and utter joy found in those little green succulents- at least a hundred of them tucked into corners and sitting lined up in neat little rows on all the windowsills. "It's Edelweiss," I whispered to Alexandrea, and she laughed. Clean + bright.  

They started out as a succulent shop, hence the name, they explained to us; then they changed to a coffee shop. Both green and coffee are necessary in my world, but honestly what I was most intrigued with were the owners themselves. Their coffee is phenomenal (after one cup I was starstruck; after two I labeled it a favorite); their fun is exuberant and oozes from their grins to their colorful tattoos; and their decor is basically my style in a glance.

We sat in rocking chairs and sipped incredible gorgeous coffee out of coffee-bean-colored cups, not wanting to ruin the intricacies of the art in coffee cups, but preferring hot coffee to cold.

Pretty sure we actually just didn't want to leave, but we did. This was one of those spots I'd be content to sit at all afternoon and evening if that was allowed, with plenty of space for inspiration and ideas to root and grow. They may be all the way across the country, but we'll be back. 

Where are your favorite coffee or tea spots to frequent?